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Some things you should know about Dave's Fat White Walls and Diamond Back Radial Tires. #1 is the finest quality tire for your ride starts here. All Diamond Back Tires are new production tires. The D O T # will prove this. Not like other companies that stock pile tires in a wearhouse for years sometimes. All Diamond Backs Radials are made to order from new tires. #2 We offer three different grades of tires for most cars. They are available in a 40 K or 50 K and high performance tires. #3 We are dedicated to getting the proper fit for your car by asking the right questions the first time. NOT what size tire do you want? But what is your year, make, model, size of wheel 14-15-16- and most importantly the width of the wheel. That will determine the size of the tire you can put on the vehicle. Those are the things that make us different. The one thing I get a lot is, I want five tires. My next question is does it sit flat in the trunk or does it fit in a hole? What's the difference, you ask? Most radials have a wider cross section than a bias ply and won't fit in the hole. It means a lot to our customers that we take the extra time to get it right the first time. Thanks to the knowledgeable staff at Diamond Back, we pride ourselves in having the most complete library of knowing the proper size tire, the right size white walls, red line, blue line, gold line, double or triple ring white walls that was original equipment on your car. All Diamond Back Radials are custom made. What does this mean to you? Any combination; red, white, blue, gold, double, triple, and spacing, your the boss. What other companies offer this? Diamond Back Radials are of the finest quality tires available with brand names like Cooper Tire, Multi-mile Hancook, Federal, Firestone, Uniroyal Freedom, Falken, Goodyear and Michelin.

Our motto at Dave's Fat White Walls is Trust Your Classic To Someone Who Drives One. Thanks Hudson Dave